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Learning must be fun!

We believe that games can advance the methods of effective studying. We want to provoke the evolution of learning and create fun study environment matching the lifestyle of the new generations.

Innovative Learning

The scientifically proven methodology, created by our team is the first to apply principles of Suggestopedia, a UNESCO-recognized teaching method, to digital game design. This allows the user to learn fast and easy while having fun, without even noticing.



Recent studies has demonstrated the potential of learning through playing games. We bring edutainment on a whole new level beyond gamification by creating game immersive teaching content.


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  • Nikolay Shindarov
    Founder, CEO
  • Nikolay Shindarov is an enterprenuer with a nearly decade business experience. He started his first successfull business at the age of 20, by founding a B2B live data delivery business, which rapidly expanded to serving clients from all over the world and having team members in three different countries. He has a long professional experience as a software developer and has a strong passion for foreign languages. He holds a Master's degree in linguistics with a master thesis covering an innovative teaching method through game playing. He believes WitNut will help millions of people around the world to start learning anything in a fun and effective way by delivering market disrupting edutainment solutions.

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  • Kamen Delibeev
    Business development manager

  • Kamen Delibeev is an experienced advisor managing his own consulting company specialized in investment project development. His personal track record features a portfolio of more than 60 projects co-financed by various funding programmes, successfully completed to date. Since 2018, Kamen co-founded the Archimedes – UDSS company – a startup dealing with smart irrigation water management where again, he is responsible for the overall management and business development.

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  • Dr Sofia Angelova
    E-learning expert

  • Dr Sofia Angelova has more than two decades experience in foreign language teaching at University level. Based on her own experience, she embraces the idea of unconscious gamified learning and believes that the convenient teaching methods are not adequatly efficient on the beginner stages of language learning. Her main role is to contribute to the development of the educational content of WitNut. Having managed two businesses for many years, she gives also valuable insights for the business strategy and team management of WitNut.

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  • Dr Richard Bartle
    Game design expert
    (External consultant)

  • Dr Richard A. Bartle is Honorary Professor of Computer Game Design at the University of Essex, UK. He is best known for having co-written in 1978 the first virtual world, MUD, and for his 1996 Player Types model which has seen widespread adoption by the MMO industry. His 2003 book, Designing Virtual Worlds, is the standard text on the subject, and he is an influential writer on all aspects of MMO design and development. In 2010, he was the first recipient of the prestigious GDC Online Game Legend award. As an external expert, Richard helps WitNut in the creation of fun, yet teaching-effective content.



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Vezhen str. 25

Sofia, 1421


Tel: +359 876 31 59 32

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